Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Adventures in Pinterest

As previously reported, I plan on trying at least 1 pinterest item I have pinned each weekend. You know that whole cycle we get in where we pin something we think looks 'awesome' and then it falls to the wayside... out to the lonely land of pinned and forgotten.

Last weekend, I made bread, did a project for grandma and grandpa in IL with the kids AND made banana crumb muffins. The muffins were a last minute idea considering I was having to make a choice with my bananas - garbage or freezer or baked goods. My freezer is pretty full of frozen bananas, I opted for baked goods. FYI, frozen bananas are excellent to use in smoothies, health drinks, etc. Just take 1/2, chop it up and throw it in to your mix for some added smoothness and iciness!

Here is the bread - which was beyond yummy. I used some for open faced sandwiches and french toast sticks for breakfast one morning. Next time I using shredded sharp cheddar in the mix for some crusty cheese bread.

Here are the Banana Crumb Muffins (found on Pinterest, recipe on

And last but certainly not least, the kids' project for Grandma and Grandpa sending hugs across the miles:

Stay tuned for what we come up for next week!!

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