Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Adventures in Pinterest

As previously reported, I plan on trying at least 1 pinterest item I have pinned each weekend. You know that whole cycle we get in where we pin something we think looks 'awesome' and then it falls to the wayside... out to the lonely land of pinned and forgotten.

Last weekend, I made bread, did a project for grandma and grandpa in IL with the kids AND made banana crumb muffins. The muffins were a last minute idea considering I was having to make a choice with my bananas - garbage or freezer or baked goods. My freezer is pretty full of frozen bananas, I opted for baked goods. FYI, frozen bananas are excellent to use in smoothies, health drinks, etc. Just take 1/2, chop it up and throw it in to your mix for some added smoothness and iciness!

Here is the bread - which was beyond yummy. I used some for open faced sandwiches and french toast sticks for breakfast one morning. Next time I using shredded sharp cheddar in the mix for some crusty cheese bread.

Here are the Banana Crumb Muffins (found on Pinterest, recipe on

And last but certainly not least, the kids' project for Grandma and Grandpa sending hugs across the miles:

Stay tuned for what we come up for next week!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Let's Go Saturday!

What a day, what a day! Waiting on kiddos to wake up then we're off to the park after some breakfast. Started the morning off with a nice, long, hard 90 minutes of Yoga X as part of the P90X routine. Baked some bread in there too. The bread I baked was a recipe found on pinterest. I've decided to make a point of choosing one thing per weekend that I want to try from pinterest and doing it. This weekend we'll actually get two in - the bread and the kid's project of making hugs to send to family in IL.

Here's the bread and the recipe can be found here:

I hear one kiddo stirring, yay!! Now the fun and day can truly begin.

Friday, June 22, 2012

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Its a Fun Friday!!

Alrighty. Kicked off the day with a little P90X! Day 10 of the 90 day routine complete. Increased some weights for the biceps and feelin' good. Went about my day, started work and during lunch started a homemade loaf of bread. Recipe courtesy of Pinterest, will post results and pictures once complete. The dough needs to rise 12-18 hrs so we won't be taste testing until tomorrow at the earliest. Hubs is out of town for the weekend, got some cool projects lined up for me and the kiddo while baby sista naps. Looking forward to the work day ending and the fun days beginning!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

No Manic Monday here!!

Day 6 of P90X and I'm going strong!! Kenpo X day today... pretty good cardio workout. I really liked some of the work towards the end of the program. I think it'll not only assist with cardio health but also with focus and discipline. I have mixed feelings towards rest day tomorrow but I know well that the body does need a rest. This week I need to focus on getting a recovery product and using it regularly. My morning routine goes something like this... 5am- Wakeup and get ready to work it. 6ish (depending on the workout obviously)- refill water if needed then hop in shower and get ready for work. 6:40ish- warm the bottle for the baby and get her up and dressed while bottle is warming. 6:50ish- feed baby and get the 3 year old to rise and get ready. Out the door by 7:15ish- take kids to daycare and arrive for work by 8am. Most days I'm able to squeeze some food in there but somedays I cannot. I can get something in after 8am but I feel as if I need something, even something little, in there before 8am rolls around. I think a recovery drink would work well because I can refill my water and drink it while I get ready for the day. Maybe that will be my goal for my day of rest - go buy a recovery product! I also need to go get my Biometric screen for my employer for health discounts. I am pleased with my Personal Health Assessment results, there were two areas I did not receive 100s on... Sleep and past Tobacco use. I sleep at least 7 hours a night but I am certain I do not get 8 or more on a regular basis. I feel 100% ok with this and I think with 2 small children 8 or more is not realistic. And I am 4 years smoke free but apparently it isn't considered "beneficial" until after 15 years of quit. Another point I disagree on somewhat but thats ok. I need some area to improve upon I suppose!

What a messy and boring blog post, LOL! Man! :P
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Thursday, June 14, 2012

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Plyometrics rocked my world today

Ok, day 2 of P90X and I am incredibly sore. I'm very happy and pleased by this, but still let me just reiterate, I am VERY sore. Not only did I start to feel the soreness last night not even 24 hrs after my first workout, but now I am feeling the plyometrics workout I did this AM. YES!!! This is what I want. Do you know what my clue was that I was ready for a change? My last meeting with a personal trainer at the gym. I pushed to my max, and I never felt sore. I did my exercises to exhaustion but I really didn't get sore. I knew then why waste my $$ doing the same old thing and getting the same results? Yes I'm semi-fit, yes I have lost the weight I wanted to, yes the gym served its purpose of getting my engine revving for working out... but to continue it didn't make any sense at all.

I very much look forward to my 5am wake up call with Tony Horton and day 3 of P90X. I can't wait to see what is going to be sore next. Oh and I didn't wear my heart rate monitor today but I will next time I do the plyometrics DVD. I have done a lot of heart rate training over the past 2 years and I can tell by my feeling about where my heart rate is in my range. I want to see the amount of calories burned next time tho. There were times in Zumba where I'd burn close to 600 calories, based upon how I felt this morning I would not be surprised if it were close... guess that's why they give you 600 calories on your calorie intake calculations! So tomorrow is bring it day #3. And what do I plan to do??? I plan to BRING IT!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

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Do your best and forget the rest!

Day 1 P90X down. Chest and Back and what a killer workout! I am much weaker than I thought, LOL. But proud of myself for doing all exercises, past my goal for each, with good form to failure. I was a little excited to see I'm going to need to either switch to resistance bands or buy bigger weights for one exercise, I never did feel the burn on that one. I used 8+3 lb dumbbells and it wasn't enough. My next investment (aka Swagbucks purchase thru Amazon gift cards) will be in a better set of dumbbells. Anywho...

The best thing I took away from today's workout is something Tony Horton said that applies to everything in life really. "Do your best and forget the rest!" Well, what a motivational thought that is! My new motto? Yes I think so. Because maybe, just maybe, the 'forget the rest' part will help me improve on my beating myself up little issue I have. Right? Right!

Off to work... I want to do another workout tho. I can't wait till tomorrow morning! I really need someone to take a before picture of me. I have tried to take my own picture and failed miserably, LOL!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The day before the first day of the rest of my life...

My P90X life that is. My initial goal was to start yesterday, June 11th. I did not meet my goal. Why? Not because I procrastinated. Not because I felt lazy. Trust me, there were several times throughout the day I thought, "Can I make time to start my fit test and record my measurements, etc?" With a sick 3 year old needing a lot of tender loving care, I could not. I chose to change my goal to today, June 12th, when I knew my primary (and sole) focus of the day would be to care for my child who ended up having an ear infection. Mommy mode trumps athlete mode. Every single time. In some ways I worry this may trump too often but I know my determination, focus and dedication will not waiver. I simply will do my workouts in the AM before the kids wake up. In the event they are sick and/or up early, then I will deal with that as it comes. I will either 1. find time to squeeze it in or 2. take it as a day off and cope, deal and move on. I will never beat myself up for being a mommy first. (This last part is simply a note to myself as I'm often guilty of beating myself up unnecessarily).

So... today... I have completed my fit test, I have recorded my measurements, I have started my nutrition plan. I will take my pictures today or tomorrow when I have someone to actually take them for me. I may attempt a self-portrait so to speak but that never turns out well. Rewind to the days of recording my pregnancies and taking pics of myself in the mirror in the bathroom... rarely did that end well.

I surprised myself on push-ups in the fit test, I was able to do 15 before failure. I'd almost like to count #16 but I pretty much fell to the floor. I don't think that counts! Only 1 pull up, but again I'm not going to beat myself up on that. In HS, back in the day (way back in the day), I was always the #1 in my gym class for girl pull ups. So only doing 1 disappoints me slightly. How did I let myself go so far??

Currently I'm really happy with my actual weight so my goals are to build muscle, increase stamina and to "be in the best shape of my life." Ok. That being said... it is time to "Bring It!"