Friday, July 27, 2012

Gearing up for the weekend!!

I woke up this morning, thankful it was Friday AND it was Back & Biceps day!! Every morning that I workout, by the end I am exclaiming, "This is my FAVORITE workout of all!" Thank you P90X and Tony Horton for creating such an enjoyable, challenging and results producing workout program! Tomorrow is Yoga day and I'm already pumped for it!!

This weekend we'll be flying solo as the hubby is on a super duper heavy, long, tall and wide load delivering about 1600 miles away. In addition to the normal day to day fun times, we will be adding one or two (maybe three or four) pinterest projects!! Sad for me just crashed and I'm unable to access or make my plans. Oh!! There it is, back up and running now. Here is my weekend plan:

Workout plan:
YogaX - Saturday
Legs & Back - Sunday

Pinterest project plan:
Sweet potato chips (ok, not really a project per se, but I have a couple of lonely sweet potatoes hanging out in the pantry and I figured what better way to use them up... make Jack and I some yummy, nutritious chips) -
Big Caterpillar Craft for kids -
Two stepping stones -
Possible additional or replacement project - Plastic bead sun catcher -

Misc. other plans:
Review my Independent Team Beachbody Coach materials - My Personal Beachbody Coach Website
Finish painting the entry from the garage into the kitchen (touch up and finish off at the ceiling)
Get all that laundry done
Pick a closet and organize it

I foresee a lot of Mighty Machines, Dora and  Diego and Umi Zoomi in my weekend as well. Fun times shall be had by all!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

P90X Week 7 Day 1

And so begins week 7. I am over half way to becoming a P90X grad!! What an awesome feeling so far... the accomplishment of just being disciplined enough to stick with my morning workouts is exciting enough to me. My confession for today, I have been incredibly disciplined with working out, giving it my absolute best and I haven't missed one single workout. I have not been as successful or disciplined about my eating choices. Now I must start by saying I am an averagely healthy eater by nature. I do not eat fast food, I do not snack on unhealthy snacks, I do faithfully watch my portion sizes. What I am guilty of doing is not getting the proper snacks, nor the correct balance of proteins, carbs, etc. Therefore, as I begin part 2 of my P90X journey, I am dedicating my focus on my nutrition. I for one know the importance and role proper nutrition plays in building muscle, maintaining or losing weight, and helping with overall health. Following it to a T is a different story. My biggest challenge is dinner. Sometimes I flat out skip dinner... or have a handful of popcorn, a slice of cheese, little nibblers like that. I used to religiously strive for 5 (or7) servings of veggies or fruits a day. I am sad to report I have not met that goal in the past 7 weeks on a day to day basis. Enough said, it begins today, proper nutrition is a MUST and I have already started my meal plan and will have no problems sticking to it. Very anxious and excited to see how this effects my ultimate goals and progress.
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Friday, July 20, 2012


Passions. No not the old daytime soap opera that was (IMO) a horrible train wreck that one could not pull oneself away from. I'm talking about passions in our daily lives, those things which we are passionate about. You know, whatever it may be that really gets you to feel something. Those passions. I've read you should always do something you are passionate about to reach true happiness. Am I passionate about my full-time job? Nope. You know the one that takes up at least 40 hours of my week. I have a bit of an advantage, the one thing that really keeps me hanging on is that I work from home 100% of the time. Many people hear that and think - oh she has it easy. Not so. It comes with challenges just like any other full-time job. Many people also believe oh - she can keep her kids at home. Again, not so. Not only is it impossible to do my job with two small children, it also isn't allowed. I signed a contract that there would be full-time daycare or a caregiver for my children in which my interaction would not be required.

So, I don't have any commute time, I don't have to shower if I don't want to. I do because I exercise every morning before work, and even if I didn't exercise before work I cannot feel awake and alert without showering. I can wear what I want. Ok, I'll give you that one. I can wear what I want, I can sit in sweats every day of my life if I want. Again I don't because I do like to feel somewhat professional. I don't wear shoes though. I digress. My challenges revolve around not working 24/7. I never work when my children are around. Never. Ok, there was that one time when Jack was home sick that I worked when he was napping... but otherwise if they are awake and want to be with me, I do not work. It can wait. But after they go to bed or before they wake up, yep, I work. My house is far messier than it ever was when I worked in an office because I don't feel pressured to get it done. I feel like I have all the time in the world to clean... and yet I never get to it. Besides the lack of social interaction (which I make up for with FB friends, Twitter and other social media/websites like, and being totally and completely bored by the actual job itself, its an easy way to earn a nice paycheck. All that being said...

I want to be passionate about what I do. Rather I want to do something I am passionate about. I mean truly, really passionate. So, you may ask, what am I passionate about?!!? Those who know me already know that answer! Setting family aside... I am passionate about fitness, health, music (singing if only I had a voice), and teaching. I absolutely LOVE to teach others anything and everything. What could I do to combine all of these things?? Ok, I may have to leave music out since I can't actually sing. But what would combine teaching, fitness, and health?? Personal training... coaching... motivating... I love people, and I love helping people. I also believe along with physical fitness, you always have to work on being emotionally fit. I'm on the search now to find that thing... I will find it and one day, I'll do it!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Week 6 P90X

Started day 1 week of 6 P90X today! Thought I'd take a quick peek at my progress, I am SO happy about the changes already. It seems like I just started yesterday, the time has truly flown by. I'm very thankful I took the leap and tried P90X. I was definitely at a plateau with my previous workout routines and P90X gave me the tools, motivation and discipline to make the change! I have rediscovered my passion for fitness and I couldn't be happier! I do wish someone was here to take my picture for me, but between the 9 month old and the 3 year old, my options are limited! It seems everytime I want to take my pictures the hubby is away! What an incredible workout for today, chest, shoulder & triceps. Feeling awesome about my progress, I have become stronger and I am increasing reps and weights appropriately each week!
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Monday, July 9, 2012

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What a crazy weekend

Busy busy busy pretty much sums it up. From sun up to sun down, we were busy. I spent 4 hrs cooking and cleaning the kitchen for the hubby yesterday for his bday. That is the last time I let him choose his menu, LOL. Homemade crab stuffed salmon with risotto and a Raspberry Cherry pie. Sure doesn't sound like a lot! But each dish is time consuming. Typically cooking relaxes me but not yesterday! This means I didn't get to try out any ideas from Pinterest. Well, actually I incorporated a crab stuffed salmon recipe from Pinterest into my own so I guess I did! Whoo hoo! And here I was feeling all unaccomplished and everything.

Today, YogaX for my P90X routine. I did not do it this morning and I have time scheduled during my lunch to do it, and I will get it done. Had a 3:30am wake up call when hubby returned with his truck and had to take off with my car. I heard ramblings of a tire problem or a bearing being shot... its all fuzzy right now. Whatever it is he can fix it when he gets home from work. Interestingly enough, totally different subject on Hubby, but he did say that based upon my results so far he is actually considering jumping on the P90X train with me. I have been on him for years now to do something to help his back, anything to strengthen his core. That is where he truly needs it most, being a truck driver he really needs that support. And a lot of roads he drives on tear up his back because those seats are not supportive. Which reminds me, why don't semi truck manufacturers make more ergonomic and supportive seats?

Ramblings for today complete. Carry on.