Wednesday, July 25, 2012

P90X Week 7 Day 1

And so begins week 7. I am over half way to becoming a P90X grad!! What an awesome feeling so far... the accomplishment of just being disciplined enough to stick with my morning workouts is exciting enough to me. My confession for today, I have been incredibly disciplined with working out, giving it my absolute best and I haven't missed one single workout. I have not been as successful or disciplined about my eating choices. Now I must start by saying I am an averagely healthy eater by nature. I do not eat fast food, I do not snack on unhealthy snacks, I do faithfully watch my portion sizes. What I am guilty of doing is not getting the proper snacks, nor the correct balance of proteins, carbs, etc. Therefore, as I begin part 2 of my P90X journey, I am dedicating my focus on my nutrition. I for one know the importance and role proper nutrition plays in building muscle, maintaining or losing weight, and helping with overall health. Following it to a T is a different story. My biggest challenge is dinner. Sometimes I flat out skip dinner... or have a handful of popcorn, a slice of cheese, little nibblers like that. I used to religiously strive for 5 (or7) servings of veggies or fruits a day. I am sad to report I have not met that goal in the past 7 weeks on a day to day basis. Enough said, it begins today, proper nutrition is a MUST and I have already started my meal plan and will have no problems sticking to it. Very anxious and excited to see how this effects my ultimate goals and progress.

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