Friday, August 24, 2012

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

And now... time for Time Boxing!

No I'm not talking about the latest fitness craze... I'm talking about a new and improved method to manage time. Funny thing I have always used time boxing in my home management - clean this or declutter that for a set amount of time. Instead of carrying a task all the way to completion you tackle it one time box at a time. The amount of time boxes required to successfully complete one task will vary obviously. But it works for keeping my home clean and clutter free (ok, maybe not 100% clutter free with a preschooler and infant/toddler roaming around that is virtually impossible). Why wouldn't it work at my 9 to 5 job? I think it can. I have several (dare I say monotonous) tasks throughout my day in which I just sit and make corrections and keep going until my eyes are crossed, my brain is burnt out, and my left foot is completely asleep. I sit with my foot right under my butt - I know it is not ergonomically pleasing to do so. I'm going to start now. My next few task lists are going to be time blocked. Let's see how mentally exhausted I am by the end of my day. I do know my first task is probably an 8 - 12 hour task, so I'm going to block that out in hours. One hour at a time, I will work on corrections. When my timer goes off, I will wrap up the line I am currently updating, mark my document and break. I'm very interested to see how this changes my outlook on my job. Something has to change, things aren't getting better on their own!

For more information on Time Boxing:

Friday, August 10, 2012

How do you keep track

This is truly my first attempt at keeping a blot going. I have little followers so I knowing won't get much feedback, but how do you keep track of ideas to write about throughout the day? I swear I must've had a thousand ideas today while working and now when the house is quiet and I am ending my day, I remember none? Time to keep a notebook by my side. I almost feel like that is what FB status updates really are...notes of general thoughts that I could expand on if I had time. Now there is an idea- tomorrow maybe I should scroll through previous FB status updates to inspire me.

The time is upon me. Tomorrow I will get a real tablet. Don't get me wrong, I <heart> my Kindle Fire but a true tablet it is not. Off to research... we shall see what I come up with.


Testing 123.... testing 123. Sending blog text from the trusty kindle fire, lets see how this works.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Can I just tell you... I feel awesome!!!! Phase 3 P90X starts today, I have decided to try to go Doubles on this phase. Just to add another challenge to my workout... not that this phase is not going to be challenging on its own without the added cardio, lol. But I want more challenge now... I yearn for it, crave it, dream about it!!!

Also feeling pumped because I did follow nutrition guidelines today. I'm typically good about what I eat but I know from tracking I do not get enough calories nor all the nutrients I should. I'm still on Lifetime Nutritional Performance Vitamins so they help of course, but they don't add my calories I need. Getting fit, healthy is hard work!!! And I'm proud of it, it would not be worth it if it were easy.

Oh. Random thought. I need to go get a Powerball ticket tonight. Feeling lucky, lol. Last I saw it was up to 212 mil. I could handle that. Ok Powerball.... bring it!!! LOL!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Busy busy busy

Over the past week I've come to realize I no longer embrace the idea of being busy all the time, every day and every night. Apparently sometime I have become accustomed to having a little down time. Last week was crazy busy between travel, work, meetings, exercising and socializing!

My favorite moments of last week: meeting up with friends during my travel and proudly completing my P90X exercises in the hotel room with no excuses of "oh I'll just skip today," etc. I have finally truly found a program that I can continue even during travel - how awesome is that!?!?

Tomorrow is my rest day as I prepare to move into Phase 3! I'm SO excited to start this phase. I can't really say much more than that. I am happy to be home from my work travel, I'm happy my babies were both excited to see me. Hearing my baby girl's giggles and grunts of excitement (only 10 months old, she can't say much yet, lol) made my morning, along with my constant barrage of hugs from the 3 year old. Every time I travel I miss them more and more.

No weekend projects for us. I'm personally happy it is August, that means some cooler weather is around the corner. I am being optimistic, there have been Octobers where we are still in triple digits. I hope we can break back down into the 90s and 60s for lows soon. I'm very anxious to get out on the bike and to run outside.

Saturday, August 4, 2012