Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Can I just tell you... I feel awesome!!!! Phase 3 P90X starts today, I have decided to try to go Doubles on this phase. Just to add another challenge to my workout... not that this phase is not going to be challenging on its own without the added cardio, lol. But I want more challenge now... I yearn for it, crave it, dream about it!!!

Also feeling pumped because I did follow nutrition guidelines today. I'm typically good about what I eat but I know from tracking I do not get enough calories nor all the nutrients I should. I'm still on Lifetime Nutritional Performance Vitamins so they help of course, but they don't add my calories I need. Getting fit, healthy is hard work!!! And I'm proud of it, it would not be worth it if it were easy.

Oh. Random thought. I need to go get a Powerball ticket tonight. Feeling lucky, lol. Last I saw it was up to 212 mil. I could handle that. Ok Powerball.... bring it!!! LOL!

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