Friday, July 27, 2012

Gearing up for the weekend!!

I woke up this morning, thankful it was Friday AND it was Back & Biceps day!! Every morning that I workout, by the end I am exclaiming, "This is my FAVORITE workout of all!" Thank you P90X and Tony Horton for creating such an enjoyable, challenging and results producing workout program! Tomorrow is Yoga day and I'm already pumped for it!!

This weekend we'll be flying solo as the hubby is on a super duper heavy, long, tall and wide load delivering about 1600 miles away. In addition to the normal day to day fun times, we will be adding one or two (maybe three or four) pinterest projects!! Sad for me just crashed and I'm unable to access or make my plans. Oh!! There it is, back up and running now. Here is my weekend plan:

Workout plan:
YogaX - Saturday
Legs & Back - Sunday

Pinterest project plan:
Sweet potato chips (ok, not really a project per se, but I have a couple of lonely sweet potatoes hanging out in the pantry and I figured what better way to use them up... make Jack and I some yummy, nutritious chips) -
Big Caterpillar Craft for kids -
Two stepping stones -
Possible additional or replacement project - Plastic bead sun catcher -

Misc. other plans:
Review my Independent Team Beachbody Coach materials - My Personal Beachbody Coach Website
Finish painting the entry from the garage into the kitchen (touch up and finish off at the ceiling)
Get all that laundry done
Pick a closet and organize it

I foresee a lot of Mighty Machines, Dora and  Diego and Umi Zoomi in my weekend as well. Fun times shall be had by all!!

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