Wednesday, April 25, 2012

And once again, my feeble attempt to blog fails. Try and try again I suppose.

First, here are some of my favorite (and easy) search & win sites - places where you earn virtual currency and trade in for real prizes and $$. My top earning site is Swagbucks - I make at minimum $25 in Amazon gift cards monthly. This always comes handy when buying the kid's books and toys for holidays! Last Christmas I purchased all their gifts (and some for myself too) all with Amazon gift cards.

A new one that seems pretty quick to earn as well is: Gift Hulk

This one I search and sometimes forget to visit: Irazoo

A cool new site I've joined, where you can try free products and share your opinion: Smiley360 Please use any of my links to join! Try it out! You have nothing to lose.

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